Pre Build Questions

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    Is my chosen house and land package customisable?

    Some of our house and land package designs are customisable to meet you needs. We offer a range of pricing categories, including comfort, value and resort. Each of these design classes comes with a list of possible inclusions. If you are interested in finding out what inclusions are available for you house and land package, then contact us through our website.

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    What do I do if I want to buy a Dixon Homes house and land package?

    If you want to begin the home buying process, then we suggest that you get in touch with one of our consultants. Our consultants are very experienced when it comes to matching our clients with the right house and land package. We know that everyone has unique needs and our foremost aim is to ensure that your needs are met. Dixon Homes has house and land packages in almost every estate in Cairns. Each of our house and land packages is purpose built to suit the land that they’re built on. This means that we are able to showcase a number of our 2,500 home designs. As a result, you have many options. If you would like to live in a specific part of Cairns, then let us know. We can run you through some of your different options in your preferred areas.

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    At what point do I sign the contract for my new home?

    Our consultants will make sure that you are informed throughout every stage of the purchasing process. From initial selection, to the final stages, we will remain accessible and transparent. Usually, we can enter into a contract when you have determined which house and land package is for you. If your house and land package has the option of inclusions or custom features, then we will have to finalise these prior to signing the contract. We approach every homebuilding or purchasing process individually. As a part of this, we will work closely with you and ensure that you know precisely what is going on.

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    Will my contract come with a ‘subject to finance’ clause?

    Here at Dixon Homes Cairns, all of our contracts are subject to finance by default. This essentially means that we require proof that you have the capacity to pay the contract price for your house and land package. If you cannot provide us with proof that you can finance the purchase, then we will have to terminate the contract. To avoid this, it is crucial that you get in touch with a bank or finance broker to secure a loan as soon as possible. Before commencing on your search for a house and land package, you should establish a clear budget. This will allow you to search within your means and obtain a loan quite easily.

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    What is your process for building house and land packages?

    At Dixon Homes, we have developed a specific process to ensure that our house and land packages are both high quality and affordable. We always begin by finding quality blocks of land in estates across Cairns. We then search our database of home designs and find the perfect design for each block of land. When doing this, we take into account many factors including shape, size, length, width, locations and covenants. In addition to this, we consider the average price of the estate and try to target it with our own builds. This allows us to offer great value for money. We then do a site layout of the block and make sure that the house plan fits. This is important, as it ensures that the build adheres to council regulations. Following this, we make sure that all features of the home are correctly positioned. Then, we can begin the build.