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Located in the beautiful Cassowary Coast region, Innisfail is a very popular place to build a home. At Dixon Homes Cairns, we have witnessed this popularity increase throughout our 25 years in the industry. We strive to contribute to the local community by providing high quality homebuilding services.

Dixon Homes Cairns has access to over 2,500 home designs. This means that we can create unique, personalised and affordable homes for all Innisfail homebuyers. On top of this, we offer a wide variety of custom options. Being a locally owned and operated business, we know how to make the most of the Innisfail region. We take pride on matching our clients with the perfect homes to suit both their needs and their block of land.

Home Designs & Prices

Over 1600 Home Designs created with your Cairns lifestyle in mind. Dixon's expansive range of home designs cater to all tastes and budgets.

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Here at Dixon Homes Cairns, our priorities are simple: affordability and quality. To provide our clients with the most competitive prices, we use our significant buying power in the industry. We are backed by the national Dixon Homes franchise, which means that we have a great deal of buying power. This essentially means that we can source materials for lower prices than our competitors. The money we save on materials for your home translates to savings for you. We have operated locally for over twenty years, which means that our industry connections are strong. We also work closely with real estate agents and developers to bring competitive land prices.

To deliver the best in quality, the team at Dixon Homes Cairns maintains impeccable attention to detail. We have an extensive quality control process that applies to every one of our builds. We also have a wide range of designs, which ensures that every home is perfect for its location. When we help you choose a home design, our goal is to find one that perfectly accounts for your lifestyle, family and practical needs.

House and Land Packages

To make sure that every client is satisfied, we also offer a range of customisable options. Our designs are available on three levels: comfort, value and resort. These combine timeless designs with unique innovation to bring you the advantages of:

  • Energy efficient homes
  • Aesthetically appealing designs
  • An abundance of options that you can tailor to meet your needs
  • Purpose built homes to withstand the tropical environment

House and land packages are increasing in popularity throughout the Innisfail area. They combine generous blocks of land with modern and innovative home designs, for an affordable price. At Dixon Homes Cairns, we offer house and land packages of various designs. These are intended to appeal to all homebuyers, regardless of budget or design preferences.

Build Your Dream Home

Dixon Homes Cairns offers more you than 2500 home designs and house & land packages to choose from. To find out more, get in touch with our expert team today.

Step 1

We match the right designs with the right blocks of land

At Dixon Homes Cairns, we understand the importance of designing a house specifically for the land on which it will be built. That is why we approach the construction of every house and land package individually. We begin by selecting easy to build on blocks of land. Our experts then assess the land and select the ideal home design to suit the block. This takes into account size, topography, slope, location and more. The end result is always a home of excellent quality that is perfectly suited to its location.

Step 2

We have a variety of sizes and designs

We recognise that Innisfail homebuyers are all likely to be looking for different things. That is why our house and land packages in Innisfail come in different sizes and designs. We offer generous blocks of land with perfectly matched homes. This means that you can take the liberty of assessing your options in person. House and land packages are popular for this reason – they often allow prospective buyers to inspect them before purchasing.

Step 3

Our Innisfail house and land packages have a range of inclusions

Everyone has different needs when it comes to the interior of your home. At Dixon Homes Cairns, this is something that we understand. That is why we have a list of inclusions that we can incorporate into your house and land package. These inclusions do vary, however, so it is a good idea to discuss what you would like with one of our consultants. This is a great opportunity for you to work out what your options are in a no obligations meeting.

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If you are in the market for a new home then contact Dixon Homes Cairns – Innisfail’s best builder. You can reach us by clicking on the ‘contact’ tab of our website. Simply fill in the online contact form and we are happy to address your enquiries. Our friendly team of experts has all the knowledge and experience necessary to match you with your perfect home.

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Pre Build Questions

  • #1

    How will I know if I can customise my house and land package?

    Our house and land packages have a variety of customisable options, although these do depend on the design you are looking at. If you would like to know about possible custom options for your house and land package, it is best to ask our team. This will give you a clear and concise picture of what your options are.

  • #2

    When can I sign my contract and get the project started?

    Before you sign a contract, we suggest that you get in touch with our team. We can walk you through the selection stage and make sure that you get the perfect home for you and your family. In most cases, we can sign the contract with you once the design and specifications have been finalised. We will also provide you with a contract price, following which we can enter into a contract. We will keep you informed throughout the process.

  • #3

    What happens if I change my mind about something after the contract has been signed?

    Any changes that you request for the design or specification of your home are called variations. At Dixon Homes Cairns, we give any variations extensive consideration before implementing them. This includes a detailed assessment of their impact on the construction time or house design. If implemented, variations can alter the agreed contract price.

Build Your Dream Home

Dixon Homes Cairns offers more you than 2500 home designs and house & land packages to choose from. To find out more, get in touch with our expert team today.