When it comes to tropical home designs, there are the great ones, and then there are the award winners. These are the tropical homes that have really forged a new path in terms of design. Put simply, they are in a league of their own. So what sets them apart? As much as we like to think it’s price, that isn’t always the case. In fact, some of the most impressive tropical home designs were built on strict budgets.

What really sets them apart is that indescribable quality of being perfectly suited to their surrounds. That really makes these award winners shine. After all, the tropics can be unforgiving and any home design that fits in perfectly deserves a mention. So in honour of these downright impressive tropical home designs, let’s take a look at five that consistently seem to make the cut.

Resort style: A tropical award-winning home design

Resort style is one of the most common tropical home designs to be graced with award winning status. Their opulent luxury is hard to overlook, and their open layout just screams relaxation. Resort style homes are characterised by their relatively angular shapes, and their almost sprawling designs. The houses themselves seem as relaxed as their occupants, and that’s a pretty impressive feat of design. It might seem like a niche, but there’s plenty of room for distinction in a tropical resort style home. And for that reason, we think it’s a deserving award winning tropical home design.

Modern contemporary: A suburban home with a difference

It’s not often that you associate award winning tropical home designs with the suburban look. But in reality, that’s where a lot of these home designs are found. And there’s one that we love in particular. The modern contemporary suburban home design combines the classic comfort and functionality of tropical suburban homes with the modern principles of design and architecture. The result is fantastic; you get comfortable and practical homes, with a strong but subtle design edge. The most exciting part: these stunning homes are becoming more and more affordable, and easier to find!

The rainforest is home to some great award winning tropical home designs

Some of the most interesting award winning tropical home designs are born in the rainforest. And there’s a simple reason why: the rainforest is hard to build in. To build a home in the rainforest, you need to get creative with its design. That is especially true in Cairns, where most rainforest homes are built on steep hillside slopes. A lot of these homes are characterised by creative stilts to elevate them. The benefits of this approach are twofold: firstly, you can build on more stable foundations, and secondly you can minimise the clearing required for the build. As a result, these homes may be hard to spot on the mountainside, but you’ll be amazed if you do!

Some very prolific tropical home designs are found on the beach

Like the rainforest, the beach presents unique challenges to homebuilders. To overcome these challenges, designers and builders have created some very interesting solutions. As a result, there are plenty of beautiful award winning home designs to be found on tropical beaches throughout North Queensland. They are about as varied as home designs come, and they are rich with aesthetic appeal.

Tradition with a twist: The award winning tropical home design descended from the Queenslander

Finally, let’s take a step back in time and pay homage to the original tropical home design: the humble Queenslander. Believe it or not, the same principles on which these beautiful and iconic homes were built are still in use on the award winning tropical home designs of today. And it’s not hard to see why – the mighty Queenslander offers everything you could want in a tropical climate like Cairns! And with the right local home builder, you can enjoy some of these award winning tropical designs yourself.

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