In any home, the bathroom and kitchen always seem to get the most design attention. But what about the laundry? Your laundry is just as important as the bathroom or kitchen. And, like the bathroom and kitchen, it has a very important purpose! When you design a laundry, it’s vital that you do so with a view to improving its functionality, above all else. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have some fun with your designs! To help you strike the right balance, we have listed some of our favourite laundry design tips. Hopefully, they can help you make a start.

#1 It’s all about height: choose a comfortable height for both your bench tops and appliances

Most laundries are equipped with bench space for folding laundry and other such chores. Needless to say, we can spend a fair bit of time at the laundry bench – so why not make it comfortable? Improving the comfort of your laundry experience can be as simple as raising the bench heights a little bit. If you are folding washing for even five minutes a day, you will probably notice if your bench tops are too low. It can cause you quite a bit of discomfort if you are hunched over every time you need to put on a load! So make it easy on yourself and work with an expert to determine the perfect height for your laundry benches.

#2 When it comes to laundry design tips for sinks, bigger is always better

If you are embarking on a laundry design journey, the fittings are likely to be the most exciting part. So when it comes to choosing a sink, you have a few options. The first of our laundry design tips is to go big. Laundry sinks are all about functionality, and size plays a big role in that. Some of the most popular options are ceramic or stainless steel farmers’ sinks. We think they are a great place to start, as they combine practicality, with modern designer looks. Matched with the right tap fittings, they are incredibly versatile too.

#3 Laundry design tips for storage: build storage solutions specifically for what you’re storing

Too often, we see people being forced to cram their belongings into ill-fitting storage enclaves, simply because that is the design they have been left with. Our laundry design tips are all about making space work for you, and storage solutions are a great place to start putting that into practice. If you’re designing a laundry, think about what you need to store, and make storage space specifically for them. For example, a long narrow cupboard is a great place to accommodate brooms and mops, while a shorter and wider option is good for buckets and other such items.

#4 Drawers are often better for storage than cupboards

Things like brooms and buckets might be better suited to cupboards, but most other things will slot into drawers quite nicely. And that’s lucky, because drawers are the most space efficient storage solution. Unlike cupboards, drawers make the most of vertical space. Their layered storage means that every inch of room you have at your disposal is accounted for. In laundries, space utilisation is vital! Luckily, if you’re building a new home, you can manage your space early.

#5 Fold out or sliding ironing boards make ironing a breeze – but make sure the height’s right!

Finally, let’s look at the most cumbersome item in your laundry inventory: the ironing board. Finding storage space for the ironing board is never easy, which calls for a creative solution. One of our absolute favourite laundry design tips is to include a fold-out or, even better, sliding ironing board. That way, your ironing board will be disguised as another drawer or cupboard, and it will be easy to pull out and put away. But remember to make sure the height is comfortable!

To make your laundry design process easier, contact us for expert advice!