Building your own home is always an appealing prospect. And if you’ve spent the last few months scouring the property market for the home of your dreams, to no avail, you’re probably ready to give it a go! But what about the costs? You’ve probably heard that building your own home is more expensive than buying a pre-existing home. However, that simply doesn’t have to be the case. If you partner up with an experienced home builder and follow a few simple tips, your homebuilding project can be cheap. Here’s how!

Save on home building costs right from the beginning by choosing a suitable block of land

One of the great joys of building your own home is seeing a great block of land transformed into a house. But on some blocks of land, that can take a bit of extra work. That’s why you need some expert guidance. Blocks of land with tricky topography, unstable soil compositions, or steep slopes are always a challenge. To get a building project underway on one of these blocks will take a lot of preparation. It will also take some pretty technical building methods, and engineering. In other words, it will be expensive! So if you want a sure fire way to keep your home building costs to a minimum, look for a flat block of land with a workable soil composition.

Hiring local home building experts will almost always save on home building costs – here’s why

We hear it all the time: hire locally! Normally, though, we do so to support the local community. But when it comes to building a house, hiring locally can also save on home building costs. Rather than having to pay the added expenses for out of town contractors, you get skilled tradespeople from the local area. Additionally, local construction experts are familiar with local conditions. And in a place with such unique conditions as Cairns, that’s a real bonus! You also get to support local jobs and build a stronger economy for Cairns – the benefits are many and varied.

Simple saves money: a simple internal layout will always help you save on home building costs

There are lots of tricks to designing the perfect interior. But believe it or not, most of these are centred on simplicity. Generally speaking, simple is best when it comes to internal layouts. And that’s lucky, because choosing a simple internal layout will allow you to save on home building costs. Overly complicated interiors take a lot of work and planning, from a lot of skilled professionals. That is always going to mean higher costs, and it won’t always yield the benefits you were expecting.

Looking to add a few unique touches? Some will save on home building costs more than others

One of the foremost benefits of building your own home is that you get to personalise it. Whatever unique little touches you want, you can have. But some come at a higher cost than others. A great example of this is ceiling heights. The materials used in walls and ceiling generally come in standard sized sheets. So if you deviate from the standard size, then your costs will increase inordinately. That is, of course, because it will take time and skill to reshape the materials into a different and uncommon size. That doesn’t mean you can’t though – if you really want certain unique features then go for it! Just keep costs in mind when you are choosing between your options.

A bigger garage can actually help you save on home building costs – here’s how

Finally, let’s take a look at one of our niftiest tricks to save on home building costs: garages. If you build a bigger garage, you will have more storage. That means you don’t need to arrange custom cabinetry in your home’s interior – you can leave it pretty simple. It will look stunning and understated, without compromising on storage around the house. And the best part is that expanding your garage is normally cheaper than expanding your house itself.

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