Building in Cairns means facing long hot summers, heavy rain, and high humidity. After all, that is why we love it up here! But it does mean that we need to take a unique approach to our house design ideas, so that they’re sustainable and comfortable. Rather than relying on air conditioners for comfort, it’s more affordable and practical to work with our stunning environment. Here are a few house design ideas that do just that!

A great idea to create a sustainable house design is recycled materials

There is an absolute abundance of recycled materials on the market today. These come from all manner of recycled products, and working them into sustainable house designs is a great idea for any homebuilder! Whether it’s steel made from recycled materials, benchtops made from recycled glass, or reclaimed wood for a rustic look, these materials have a lot to offer. So if you’re looking for sustainable house design ideas, chat to your homebuilder about recycled materials.

Bamboo flooring is easy to source and quite sustainable

Bamboo flooring is hitting the mainstream, and it has a lot to offer. It’s tough, tropical, appealing and affordable. In that sense, it really embodies what living in Cairns is all about. It’s also easy to grow and harvest. Bamboo grows at a very rapid rate and plantations don’t need a lot of space to generate a lot of products. This means that fewer resources are expended to get bamboo flooring from the forest to your feet! As a result, it’s one of the most sustainable timber flooring products around.

Work with the environment – Use sustainable house design ideas to maximise airflow

Maintaining a comfortable temperature in the depths of a tropical summer can be a challenge. But, with the right home design ideas, you stand a pretty good chance. Using home design to maintain comfort is all about minimising your reliance on the air conditioner. To do this, you can employ cleverly positioned doors and windows to improve airflow and lower temperatures. This means less money and energy spent cooling your home!

Even the little ideas go a long way: LED lighting will help make your house design more sustainable

So far, we’ve covered some pretty big picture house design ideas for a sustainable home. But there is plenty you can do on a smaller scale too. One example is lighting. Going for LED lights will help you lessen the amount of electricity you use. And of course, less electricity means lower power bills and higher sustainability. It really is the perfect outcome!

Insulation is one of the best ideas to help with sustainability in your house design

Keeping those temperatures comfy will take more than airflow alone. Sometimes, the lure of the air conditioner is too irresistible. And on those hot days, insulation will be your best friend. Without it, your air conditioner will have to work immensely just to keep the air cool. This means very high energy consumption. So get good insulation; it’s one of the most practical house design ideas for both comfort and sustainability.

Doors and windows can help or hinder sustainable house designs – Here’s how to get it right!

Most of the cool air in our homes is lost to windows and doors. Glass simply isn’t a great insulator. So where you put your doors and windows will have a big impact on your indoor temperatures. Our advice is to use creative house design ideas to achieve a sustainable outcome. Keep windows away from direct sunlight where possible, but make sure they are large enough and well-positioned to catch those breezes. This is where an experienced local homebuilder is vital!

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